Not at this time. The fulfilment of your orders will be dealt with by each of your individual suppliers.
Shipping will be dealt with by each of your individual suppliers. LondonEdgeNOW offers you a single shopping basket for multiple suppliers in order facilitate your buying and selection process.
This multi brand B2B platform will allow you to select goods from multiple different brands at the same time. It means you don’t have to shift from one wholesale website to the other but instead you will have your multi brand selection, visible together, in your basket. This will allow you to visualise how different brands would sit together in your store, it will limit product duplication and, overall, will therefore result in better buying decisions. It will also save you time as well as delivering new potential designers/suppliers directly to your desktop.
The LondonEdgeNOW site does not have a minimum order but, instead, you will have minimum order amounts with each supplier you buy from. This will differ between companies so should be negotiated separately with each individual supplier. You cannot combine your individual spends to make up a minimum order amount.
Not at this time.
You can place an order request with any store.
Not directly from the LondonEdgeNOW site, however this can be negotiated directly with the supplier.
Yes through the sites own messaging system.
Not at the moment, coming soon.
Payments should be made directly with each supplier.
You much negotiate the delivery times directly with supplier.
Any item that has been made for your brand yourself or a third party manufacturer. Anything from clothing, shoes, accessories, homeware and gifts. You cannot resell second hand items or anything from our prohibited list this includes but is not exclusive to counterfeit goods, dupes or copies of other products made by different companies and non-licensed items featuring characters or anything that is copyrighted.
You can set your own minimum order per store.  We recommend keeping it low to entice buyers to place an order with you.  Please bear this in mind when setting your shipping costs. 
Via the email you provide when opening you store on the LondonEdgeNOW site.
LondonEdgeNOW specializes in the authentic lifestyle fashion market. Most retailers buying through LondonEdgeNOW will be interested in this fashion.
No, not for the B2B/trade site. LondonEdgeNOW is the digital equivalent of your physical stand at the LondonEdge trade shows.
Once you have created your online store you can either upload in bulk via CSV file, or enter separately following our easy to use product entry system.
Not at this time.
Invitations will be sent out to our extensive, relevant, worldwide retailer database and the full force of our renowned marketing team will work constantly on delivering LondonEdgeNOW to new international markets. It’s anticipated that LondonEdgeNOW will extend exhibitor sales opportunities yet further to the farthest corners of the globe.
The featured stores on our home page will be up dated weekly.
When a retailer searches for a particular item if your company sells that item it will appear next to other brands selling similar. Your brand may also appear in our marketing material, or as a featured store,
Once you have received email notification from the LondonEdgeNOW site that you have a potential order, you will do the rest and take payment directly with the customer.
Yes, if you have uploaded them onto your LondonEdgeNOW store.
You can have as many items on your store as you wish which will be free of charge to current tradeshow exhibitors. Alternatively there will be a monthly subscription to non-trade show participants.
No, any retail business can buy trade through LondonEdgeNOW.
Yes if the buyer enters the order through LondonEdgeNOW.
At this time you will have to take payment yourself. As this is an order request platform you are able to negotiate terms directly with the customer.
You will need to negotiate directly with the customer.
There is no limitation on the amount of items listed.
This can be negotiated with the LondonEdge team on an individual basis.
Your banner, logo and banner images for each collection can be customized.
Yes. You get your own pop-up store. 
Yes, directly negotiate with the LondonEdge team.
Yes there are many ways to search on the site.
Not at this time. This may be available at some point in the future.